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Massage Therapy

Our licensed Massage Therapists are trained in massage techniques designed to improve circulation, relax muscles, aid digestion, speed waste elimination, relieve headaches, reduce stress and provide an overall therapeutic and relaxing experience. Your comfort and relaxation are our primary concern in order to allow you to experience the deepest relaxation and healing. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about massage therapy and we will assist you in scheduling your massage. We offer the following types of massage therapy:

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Relax and unwind with this full body session designed to create deep relaxation with long gliding and superficial strokes.


30 minutes | $45

60 minutes | $65

90 minutes | $80

Deep Tissue Massage

This method focuses on the deeper muscle tissues. Deep Tissue Massage can help to relieve chronic aches, pains and stiffness. This technique may be combined with Swedish massage at your request.


30 minutes | $45

60 minutes | $70

90 minutes | $90

A Perfect Combination

This technique combines relaxation massage with deep tissue therapy to the neck, shoulders and back.


30 minutes | $40

60 minutes | $60

Heated Stone Therapy

This technique is an ancient favorite. Heated, smooth Lake Superior stones in various shapes and sizes are placed on specific points of the body to release muscle tension and improve energy flow. Traditional Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage are used in combination with the stones to create a wonderful experience.


60 minutes | $80

90 minutes | $115

Foot Massage Delight

This technique employs a Swedish Massage to the feet and lower calf. Hot towel wraps are used to complete the ultimate foot pampering experience that relaxes your entire body.


30 minutes | $50

Whatever type of massage therapy you are looking for, our Licensed Therapists will insure that you experience is one to be remembered. Call us today to schedule an appointment; Port Charlotte: 941-235-0755 or Sarasota: 941-360-6481